Győr, Ipari park


The Industrial Park of Győr is developing. The industrial rail line of Győr is to be lengthened with the aid of financial sources and subsidies provided by the European Union, the Hungarian State and the municipality of the city, which will be 1,9 kilometre longer due to the investments, thus the infrastructural characteristics of Győr are going to be improved further.

The management of the Industrial Park of Győr focuses on providing such infrastructure for the companies, settling down in the region, which meet their requirements and which are still appealing for further companies, planning to settle down. The companies in the park noticed that it would mean a great advantage if the raw material supply of their factories and the transport of their finished products could be solved by rail.

The planned rail line is going to be the elongation of the current rail line no. I.  The total cost of the investment is 806 million HUF, 65% of which amount, 523 million HUF, has been won by Győri Nemzetközi Ipari Park Ltd. with the aid of a tender financed jointly by the European Union and the Hungarian State. The private financial participation of 281 million HUF is provided by the city of Győr through the owner of the Industrial park, the Győr-Szol Zrt.